Thursday, July 1, 2010

Theorizing Privilege

Different forms of prejudice affect our lives because we are always prejudging someone for multiple reasons, even if sometimes we do not agree with them. We are a society in which we agree with other people to fit in. Ideologies are sets of beliefs. They show up in the institutions that affect our lives the most because at home when are taught different beliefs by our parents. When going to school you are taught something, sometimes, completely different. Work places also affect our beliefs. I’ve experienced gender inequality at work. The men are always asked to do the more difficult work because they are considered to be stronger than a woman. We are automatically considered “weaker” than a man, although, there are women stronger than a lot of men. Hate crimes maintain systems of inequality because most serious crimes are committed by men, so we think. When a woman commits a crime it is not considered as serious as if a man were to commit the exact same crime. For example, murder. If a woman is to kill her husband it is usually considered self-defense. If a man is to kill his wife he is considered to be a dangerous and extremely violent person. These images have major effects on me as well as the majority of our society. These images cause us to be cautious of men than women, when in reality; we need to be cautious about both. Women are just as capable of committing a crime as man.

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