Thursday, July 8, 2010


Personal political occurs in my relationships. Politics implies issues associated with the distribution of power in sexual relationships; therefore, it’s in my relationships because the man is typically the higher power in a relationship, whether it being work or your own personal lives. Some men believe that they can do no wrong, but if a woman was to do the same thing they would be considered as a horrible wife or girlfriend. Men also seem to think that they can go out with their friends but they try to prevent you from going out with yours. Some girls lose their friends because of the way their husband or boyfriends are. I see my relationships as compulsory heterosexuality, meaning heterosexuality is the expected and desirable sexual identity. Socialization into gender affects intimacy in relationships because we are socially constructed into our gender by society at an early age. You cannot help who you are attracted to but society tries to choose for you based on their own beliefs. Growing up I played with dolls, barbies, and many other feminine toys. Therefore, it has made me a feminine woman attracted to men. Intimacy may be changed drastically if a woman is attracted to another woman. Homophobia discourages intimacy because homophobia is hatred towards homosexuals. People who are homosexuals may feel that they should not have intimacy because they might be afraid of harassment, which is common along LGB students. To this today, there has not yet been an instance in my life when homophobia has prevented me from developing intimacy with someone.

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