Saturday, July 17, 2010

Policy Issue: Social Welfare

Welfare reform should be considered a feminist issue because a majority of people who need welfare are single mothers. I agree partially with the 1996 welfare reform. I agree that you should have to work to receive help, but I do not agree that it should be temporary. I also do not agree that women could not afford to go to school to advance themselves because isn’t that what we all want, is to get a better education so that we can make more money and provide for our families? The appropriate role of family-formation in the anti-poverty policy is that you should have to work, but it does not matter how much you make. I believe that all families should be protected, not just the poor. I believe that encouraging marriage will help poor women’s economic status slightly. You can encourage marriage but they are going to marry who they want to marry. Depending on who the person marries depends on their economic status. I agree completely with the paternity establishment in the TANF policy because establishing parentage is very important. Children who have both parents in their lives are usually the ones who succeed more in life. For example, finishing school, going to college, working, and having a family. Another reason I agree with the policy is because if there is a single parent, the other parent should have to help out financially and should want to be in their lives to establish a bond with their children. I believe that poor women should be compelled to discuss the intimate facts of their personal lives with representatives of the state to a certain extent. They should have to explain why they are poor. For example, not being able to find a job or is there anyone else in their lives that help financially. But overall, I do not believe that intimate details of their lives are necessarily important on why they are poor. The relationship between privacy rights and poverty is many of people’s personal information do not need to be revealed because it is there right of privacy. That being said, a lot of a person’s personal information is the reason why they are poor. Personal information is definitely necessary but I do not believe that intimate details need to be revealed.

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  1. While I agree that some form of work of vocational training should be encouraged, I don't agree that it should be mandatory as all people should have the right to choose. I super duper agree with your dismay over the time limitation of benefits. I don't know anyone who has risen out of poverty in five years or less.