Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Policy Issue: Gendered Violence

Women are more likely to avoid violence and the threat of violence more than a man. If a woman is scared they tend to be less sociable, therefore, it has a huge impact on a woman’s social control. Feminists suggest the acts of violence against women are actually hate crimes because if someone hurts a woman then they must hate them. A majority of men harm women because they have done something wrong to them. For example, if a woman was to cheat on her husband and they get a divorce, he will probably be more likely to abuse his next wife because he “hates” women for what she did to him. Violence against women is so prevalent in society because most women do not turn their attackers in because they are scared. Women tend to be much more vulnerable than men. Violence against women is primarily perpetuated by men because men tend to be much stronger than women. If a woman was to attack another woman then probably not much would happen because most women tend to be as strong as the next. Men like to feel they are in control, unlike a woman. Women like to believe they are in control at certain times but men like to feeling of control all the time. Myths about violence against women silence women and perpetuate sexist systems of oppression because when women feel they have done something wrong they will not turn their attacker in. one myth is that women tend to make up their attacks to receive attention, which is not true. When women feel they are to blame or they feel they could have prevented the violence they tend to remain quiet because they do not want to be looked down upon, or they are frightened that their attacker will kill them. Steps I believe should be taken to address the problem of violence against women is more security and more places for women to go to when they need help. Elements I find effective at JMU is the poles with blue lights around campus. I never used them but when I had night classes I would always make sure I was parked near one. I feel that even though we have the blue lights, we should have security throughout campus more, especially in the evening.

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