Saturday, July 17, 2010

Socio-economic Status

Systems of inequality are evident in women’s work inside the home because women are always the ones suspected of cleaning, doing the laundry, and taking care of the children. If a man was to do these things he would probably be considered to be feminine. Women experience sexism in the paid labor force because, most of the time, women only get certain jobs because of the way they look. They also get discriminated against with pay because they are not considered to be as strong as man. Therefore, they believe that women do not deserve the amount of pay that a man receives. Racism shapes the way women experience sexism in the paid labor force because certain places will pay an African American less than a Caucasian. To this today, a lot of people are racist, but, most of the time, if you do not have an African American at your business, or any other place for that matter, then you could get in trouble with the law for discriminating. So therefore, a lot of places hire African Americans because they have to and pay them less, even if they are more educated and work harder than a Caucasian, which is the case for most instances. Personally, I have never been discriminated against in the workforce but I know a couple people who have. The perception of certain work as feminine has affected women’s work, both inside and outside the home because women, a majority of the time, are considered to be stay-at-home moms and take their care of all the housework that needs to be done. If a man was to stay home and the woman was to work, the man would be considered to be feminine and he would probably be looked down upon because he cannot provide for his family. I was watching A Baby Story and the woman was the one who went to work and the husband stayed at home with the children. Although he worked from home, if she said that it was “reversed”. Women are more likely to experience poverty in their lives because they cannot go out and get any job, a lot of places will not hire a woman to do a man’s job. Some women believe that they are to stay home with the children and the men are to provide for the family. But statistics show that single mothers are more likely to be poor than women who stay at home with their children. Changes that I believe are needed to create more equitable distribution and opportunity of access for economic resources is for more jobs to be made for both men and women. Women should also not be getting paid less because they cannot do everything that a man can.

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