Sunday, June 20, 2010


I consider myself a feminist. I think of a feminist being the kind of person that believes

every woman deserves just as much respect as any other man and that women are not always the

weaker sex, regardless of race, class, and or sexual preference it should not matter. I chose

women’s studies because I am a woman, and I do enjoy learning about where we were at one

point and how we have evolved into where we are now. I hope to learn in this class, the

importance of women past and present and the impacts that they had on their society and where

it has led ours now in this current society. I expect to learn more about feminism and famous

women in this course. I hope that I have a better appreciation for what women in past generations

have done to achieve where we are now. Some negative stereotypes of feminism, I think, are

when people here the word “feminist” they automatically assume that it’s something bad. They

think the person is going to be over the top about any and everything that pertains to women. I

believe that some aspects of equality between the sexes has been achieved but there are always

going to be those few people that don’t believe that women should be doing what men do and as

many men that don’t want to admit it, a majority think that whatever women do, men will always

do it better. Especially in a male dominated work force.

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